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LAYA Music now moved on to make a mark on the classical arena. It produced recordings of classical giants like Aruna Sairam, O.S. Arun  and Hyderabad brothers and distributed it worldwide. Laya Music also added a feather to its cap by releasing albums of classical instrumentalists. It also carved a niche for itself by producing  Harikathas  by BALA MEERA CHANDRA, renowed classical vocalist.  Laya  Music  is the singular title-holder of these rare Harikathas. It also went on to the field of literature and encouraged new talent by producing  orations on Tirukural and Kamba Ramayanam by  Ilangai Jeyaraj of Colombo Tamil Sangam and released it in both audio and video formats.


Laya Music has now gone on to create a reputation for itself in the field of Classical Dance  Bharathnatyam. Laya Music is the numero uno and sole possessor of exceptional collections and the complete series of  Nrithyopasana, Vishwashanti, Varnams, Tillanas and Jathiswarams. This is an outstanding and incomparable  artifact for any beginner, vidwan or guru who wants to  learn,teach  and practice Bharathnatyam. With over 1500 dance songs composed  by Vidwnas like Natuvangam  Madurai. R Muralidharan, J.S. Suryanarayanmurthy and Delhi Guru V. Krishnamoorthy, it is a special compilation to gratify the souls of Classical Dancers and  Laya Music’s humble homage to the field of Bharathanatyam.


And AGK enterprises also distributing the world renowned  Flute Maestro Shashank’s albums, and also distributing  epic and original CD, DVD collections of  legendary musicians like M.S. Subbulakshmi ,  Balamurali Krishana  from the archives of AIR  (Akashwani Sangeeth)  and Bharathanatyam DVDs of Padma Subramaniyam and other legends of Classical Dance from Doordharshan Kendra.


AGK Enterprises’s new venture is DIVINE World, an exclusive showroom that caters  Classical, Devotional and Spiritual  CDs,MP3s,DVDs and also Spritual Books  is located in K.K.Nagar, at an easily accessable point.  Divine World is every customer’s delight and gives you an ample opportunity to surf through the exceptional collections with a calm and composed mind. The showroom oozes with divinity with spiritual songs playing in the background and will surely transport you to a pious and sacred world.  The showroom also has an option of home delivery so that you can listen to your favourite  musicians without disturbing your busy schedule. Read more